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Mancozeb Fungicide

Manzate Pro-Stick provides superior multi-site, broad spectrum disease control in Turfgrass, Sod Farms and Ornamentals.  Manzate Pro-Stick is EPA registered for control of Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Gray Leaf Spot, Pythium Blight, Rusts and many more diseases in both turf grass and ornamentals.  Low use rates make Manzate Pro-Stick economical to use.

Key Product BenEfits

  • Easy To Use DF and Liquid Formulations
  • Superior Control of Key Diseases in Turfgrass, Sod Farms, Ornamentals
  • Extended Residual Activity for Better Disease Control
  • Multi-Site Action Allows Better Management of Fugicide Resistance
  • Economical to Use

Available Sizes: 75 DF 8×6 lbs, 4SC 2×2.5 gallons