Selective Post Emergent Herbicide

Agrisel GrassOut Max is an EPA approved clethodim based post emergent herbicide. Formulated and produced in the U.S.A. GrassOut Max kills grasses and only grasses. Because GrassOut Max is a post emergent clethodim herbicide it effectively kills more than 50 different grasses in landscaping, ornamentals, trees, gardens, flowers, plants, groundcovers, shrubs, broadleaf crops, agricultural crops and all areas where grasses are a problem.

Key Product Benefits

  • Provide effective Post Emergent grassy weed control.
  • Fully labeled for ornamental, lawn & garden, agricultural, and landscape uses.
  • Conveniently packed in “Tip N Pour” quarts for easy measuring and use.
  • Kills grasses only, will not kill shrubs, ornamentals, or other broadleaf plants.
  • Low use rate makes Grass Out Max economical to use.

Available Sizes: 1 gal, 1 quart