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Systemic Insecticide

Agrisel’s Acephate Pro formulations are high quality, cost efficient, low odor insecticides that control over 125 different insect pests in crop and non-crop use areas.  Acephate is the same active ingredient as “Orthene”.  The Acephate 75 is excellent for control of Fire Ants and the Acephate 97 is great for crop uses, Turf and Ornamental, Greenhouses, and nurseries for control of listed pests.

Key Product Benefits

  • Provides broad spectrum insect control of over 125 different listed insects.
  • Fully labeled for uses in turf, nurseries, greenhouses, crops and more.
  • Superior formulation of both 75SP and 97WDG.
  • Economical to use and cost effective.

Available Sizes: 12 x 1 lb.