Our Products

We offer a comprehensive line of agricultural and professional products to meet your needs. Please click on any of the areas below to learn more.

Growth Through Integrity

We are committed to offering the best overall programs to Agrisel resellers/dealers who specialize in the agricultural, home and garden, and pest control markets.

Agricultural management

Agrisel has a complete line of pest control products for all kinds of different cropping systems and agricultural production methods.

Turf, Ornamental, and Nursery management

Agrisel has a complete line of fungicides insecticides and weed killers for turf, nursery, and ornamental management systems.

Poultry Management

Agrisel has a broad line of insecticides and rodenticides for controlling major poultry pests such as the darkling and hide beetles and rodents.

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Agrisel has a complete line of insecticides and herbicides for controlling household and industrial pest and weed problems.


Agrisel has a full line of products for controlling household pest problems including fungus, insects, and weeds.